Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Eclipse but still have a few questions? Not to worry, we’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked questions below.

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What makes NASA different from the competition?

With nearly 40 years in the industry, we know what it takes to keep an insurance agency going. Working and consulting with agents provides us with an understanding of the larger challenges agencies face, which is why we design and update our software to provide solutions. Most importantly, customer service is our top priority. Our mission is to make your job easier, and that philosophy underpins every part of our software and service guarantees.

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Is Eclipse designed for small insurance agencies?

Eclipse is designed to eliminate the roadblocks between small, independent insurance agencies and success. Our founder, Brian Borgerding, developed this system drawing from his experience working at an independent agency. He recognized the lack of support in this sector and wanted to give others the tools they needed to flourish. Affordable, efficient, and simple, Eclipse is the perfect software for your small insurance agency.

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Do you require an exclusive contract?

No, we do not. NASA is all about making your life simpler, so you’re never locked into a contract. We want our clients to stay with us because they choose to. That’s how much confidence the designers of Eclipse AMS software and the NASA customer service team have in our product.

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Is Eclipse compatible with other existing software?

Yes, absolutely. Eclipse works with a comprehensive and extensive list of rating and product integrations, company downloads, and real-time partners. We believe in making things easier for you and your agency which is why we make our software compatible and simple to integrate.

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Do you provide onboarding and training?

Yes, absolutely. We understand the complexity of migrating data and learning a new system. When you join us, we take you through a 60-90 day onboarding and training process. During that time, we assign your agency a dedicated support person who guides you through every step of the transition. Service is our top priority — we would never leave a client to ‘figure it out on their own.’

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How much will it cost to install Eclipse for all my employees?

Eclipse is based on a per-user pricing system, so there’s never any mystery as to your costs. If you add more agents after purchasing Eclipse or you acquire more agency locations, we’ll work with you to scale our system to grow alongside your business.

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Do you charge for data transfer?

We do charge for data transfer, but we try to keep our rates as low as possible. Data transfer typically starts at around $750. Data conversion is often expensive, but we don’t think it should be prohibitive when choosing a new provider.

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Do you offer a demo?

Yes, absolutely. We’re not interested in selling you a product you don’t love. Our full demo includes a sample of all of Eclipse’s features, including ledger accounting, billing and reconciliation, advanced reporting, and carrier downloads. Requesting a demo is 100% free and complimentary because we believe you’ll immediately see the difference a powerful AMS can make.

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Agencies not meeting the hardware requirements to run the Eclipse Agency Management System may need to upgrade their office technology to support the system. Our team can help you evaluate your current setup and determine your compatibility needs.