Insurance Integrations

For independent agencies looking to streamline operations and provide their clients with a great experience, insurance integrations become a powerful tool. Eclipse agency software is compatible with numerous partners and solutions. 

Save your agents' time and resources with compatible integrations.

Integrations and Partners for Eclipse

Rating Integration Partners

Comparative raters help your clients find the best coverage for the lowest price with a minimal time commitment for agents. With Eclipse, we make it even easier. You will save both time and avoid errors due to the accuracy of both the raters and the software.

Find out if the carriers you work with currently handle exports from Eclipse.

Company Download Partners

Receive a more streamlined experience with hundreds of Insurance Companies certified for download into Eclipse. Synchronize your agency software's client policy details and transactions with carrier data on demand—keeping your data up to date.

Find out if the carriers you work with allow downloads to Eclipse.

Real Time Partners

When insurance carriers support Real Time transactions, they allow for a faster, more streamlined experience. Real Time partners, alongside Eclipse agency software, provide a valuable tool for agencies looking to see great results with fewer keystrokes.

Find out if the carriers you work with allow Real Time connections with Eclipse—through personal or commercial lines.

Product Integrations

With numerous third party integration partners, Eclipse integrates with a suite of powerful products to add even more ease and accessibility to the system. From electronic signatures to drip marketing, Eclipse's partner software systems offer the features and functionality your agency needs.

Find out what capabilities are compatible with Eclipse.

About NASA and Eclipse Software

North American Software Associates (NASA) is the company behind the Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System—the most comprehensive system for an independent insurance agency to use.