Product Integration

With numerous third-party integration partners, Eclipse integrates with a suite of powerful products to add even more ease and accessibility to the system. From electronic signatures to text messaging, find out what services are compatible with Eclipse.

Discover our leading product integration partners below.

Provide a Better Client Experience

We live in an era of convenience and ease, so why can’t agency management software help communicating and corresponding with clients be easy? With the Eclipse Agency Management Software, we have taken the most cumbersome and time-intensive processes to task. 

Through third-party partners, we have integrated services that make client correspondence easy. With features like electronic signatures, email encryption, text messaging and automated email marketing, gathering information and staying in touch with clients become second nature.

Electronic Signatures
Email Encryption
Text Messaging
Automated Emails

What Services Integrate with Eclipse?

Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures help insurance agents get the signed documentation from their clients faster and more efficiently. It removes the expense and time-intensiveness of faxing, mailing or otherwise providing hard copy documents when signatures are required. Instead, a quick digital correspondence is all it takes. Eclipse software integrates with Formstack  and RSign for electronic signatures.

Email Encryption

Email encryption allows for safe and secure sending of sensitive data digitally. By partnering with the PII and HIPAA compliant email encryption provider RMail, Eclipse software users can quickly and easily convert underwriting submissions, re-classifications, delinquent premiums, policy packs, coverage/endorsement rider changes and renewals. Not to mention cutting costs associated with postage, courier, faxing and administrative tasks.

Text Messaging

As a quick and convenient method of communication, it’s tough to beat text messaging. With our integration partner Twilio, Eclipse users have the ability to send and receive text messages securely and reliably. The added ease of communicating with customers over text allows agents to correspond more quickly and get the information they need with minimal interruption.

Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is the perfect tool for agents looking to engage customers, automate communications and grow their customer base. Through our partnerships with Agency Revolution & Levitate, we offer, we offer a sophisticated suite of email marketing services that integrate seamlessly with the customer data stored in Eclipse. Keeping your customers close with minimal effort is easy with automated email marketing. 

Customer Portal & Mobile App

This one-of-a-kind technology connects directly to all insurance carriers and brings them into one central system. This allows your policyholders to manage their insurance using your own platform. GloveBox comes in the form of a mobile app and a client portal, branded to you, the agency.