5 Advantages Of Eclipse Management Software For Your Insurance Agency

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Eclipse management software for insurance agencies is a cut above any other system you may use – especially if you’re still using paper. We put together a list of the ways Eclipse can help you make the most of your time and effort, and build your business.

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1. Endorsements

The first and most important advantage of Eclipse management software is the serious endorsement from many of your peers. There, you’ll currently find 26 reviews – from 2010 to now – with an average of 4.9/5 stars! And be sure to read the stories, as many of our clients have graciously shared the specific ways Eclipse has helped their business soar.

2. Response Time

With the Eclipse management software system by your agency’s side, all information about your client is right at your fingertips, allowing you to take a blind call and quickly respond with accurate information or new quotes. Our system helps you become your customers trusted partner.

Kyle Goeman, of Goeman Agency, LLC, says: “For three years now we’ve been able to give faster service to our clients and keep an accurate detailed history under each policy . . .”

3. Multitude Of Partners

With 14 comparative rating integration partners, Eclipse management software is the agency system you want to have on your side! Plus, 350 insurance carrier download partners make Eclipse the most comprehensive, holistic agency management system around.

Stan Armstrong, of Hartley Insurance, says: “The system has all of the functionality we need and has great interface with our carriers.”

4. Increased Efficiency

Whether a customer calls and needs a policy number or to make a quick change, or is looking for information immediately after an accident, Eclipse management software will increase your response time. This makes your entire team more efficient and prepared for whatever may come by making information readily available, quotes easy to request and adjustments quick.

Josh Mallmann, of Associates Insurance Agency, Ltd., says: “The simplicity of . . . Eclipse has helped our agency become more efficient so we can spend more time helping our customers [instead of] on data entry.”

5. Ability to Cross Sell

Eclipse tools enable your team to keep an accurate, detailed history of each policy and policyholder! This in turn allows you to cross sell and market other products to those policyholders and their family members.

Richard D. Torres, of Torres Insurance Agency, says: “For several years now we’ve been able to give faster service to our clients . . . have an accurate detailed history under each policy . . . which has helped us cross sell.”

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