Dive into Eclipse: the Unique AMS Designed for You

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As a small agency, it’s easy to worry that you’ll never be able to compete with the complex, ever-changing digital trends in the insurance industry. Pricing, training, and technological capabilities hold back thousands of smaller agencies every year while the larger agencies double down on their technological prowess.

NASA (North American Software Associates) was founded to help smaller insurance agencies bridge that gap. Since 1982, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop affordable software designed for small and midsized agencies. Our core belief? Your growth shouldn’t be restricted simply because you’re a boutique agency. 

It’s nearly 2022, and in the insurance industry, you need an AMS to stay competitive. It’s not negotiable. That said, if you’re a small or midsize agency, you don’t want to spend your entire budget on complex software that won’t serve you. 

That’s why you need Eclipse: the only AMS designed for small insurance agencies. No frills, no hidden costs. Just efficient software engineered for your exact needs.

What is an AMS?

An AMS (or Agency Management System) is software designed to run the logistics of your agency, from lead gathering to financial reports to pipeline management. A strong AMS automates the repetitive and tedious parts of your work so that you have the time to do what you do best — help your clients. 

Eclipse is designed to do exactly that. Let’s dive into why Eclipse is the state-of-the-art AMS perfectly designed for your agency.

Learn About the Benefits of Eclipse

1. Easy-to-Use

The worst thing software can do for any company is become so complicated that it reduces efficiency. If a piece of tech is so complex that you’re wasting precious hours simply troubleshooting, it’s not worth it. 

Eclipse makes these problems a thing of the past. NASA’s intuitive AMS is proven to increase your agency’s efficiency and response time. Once set up, you can use Eclipse to keep your clients happy and engaged with touchpoints and email marketing while seamlessly communicating with your internal team.  

Eclipse is also easy to integrate with real-time partners, products, and carriers, so you don’t have to reinvent your entire agency setup just because you purchased new software. 

It’s all about smoothing the cracks and easing the pressure.

2. Affordable

When you’re working on a small business budget, you can’t afford mysterious pricing or hidden costs. Eclipse Agency Management System follows a per-user pricing model so that you always have a clear idea of what your investment will be. You are the only person in control of when your AMS costs go up or down.  

When your agency grows and you add more agents, those agents become new users. Adding another location? Our multi-agency scalability lets your system grow with your business. 

We pride ourselves on having one of the lowest upfront and monthly rates among our competitors, and that transparency is built into our business model.

3. Data-Driven and Secured

Whether you’re pulling up client profiles or compiling annual reviews, you need that data to be fast and accurate. With easy-to-access data trees and robust reporting features, you’ll never have to worry about manual retrievals or incomplete data ever again. 

4. Complete With Built-in Service and Support

We stand behind our product. That means when you call our support desk, you’re speaking to the people who built this system. Support team training is also part of every Eclipse package. After you register, we’re here to train your entire team to ensure you don’t lose valuable time figuring out a new system. Real help, real people, real fast.

We also offer data conversion services. If you need to convert your paper filing system to digital for the first time, we can help take care of that stress so that you can adjust to your new system without worrying about leaving any data behind. Stuck with a former AMS that just didn’t work for you? We’ll transfer that data from your old system to your new one, no problem.

5. A Hit With Our Clients

We love Eclipse, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are just a few rave reviews from our current small agency clientele: 

“Customer service is outstanding — whenever I call in with a question, they are very helpful and polite. The system is very user-friendly! It is a must-have with our agency!” - Susan Vance, Abbe Insurance Agency

“This Agency Management System is great for a smaller insurance agency. It is less expensive than the bigger competitor’s products.” - Steve Pickelmann, Judd Insurance Agency

“The easiest system to use! The system is very literal which makes it easy for new users to figure out, which cuts down on training time in the office.” - Amy Gay, Hopp Insurance Agency

6. Available to Demo Today

We have no doubt you’ll love Eclipse, but we also believe you shouldn’t be spending money on any software without giving it a thorough review. The Eclipse demo is here to help you make an informed decision. With no commitments required, it’s time to try the proprietary software from NASA and see what decades of experience really means. Let us help eliminate the roadblocks that stand in the way of your agency’s success. 

Request a demo of Eclipse today and make your agency unstoppable. 

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