How An Agency Management System Increases Your Client Retention Rate

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Our Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System is the perfect service to help you retain clients and draw in prospects. Speed and precision are your two greatest assets when clients call or message, and Eclipse amplifies those abilities.

Let’s take a look at how our system can help make your customers more likely to stay with you. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more!

Brings You Closer To Your Customers

Your customers and prospects are more tech savvy than ever. They’re not afraid to use technology to educate themselves and shop around. But many of them are also strapped for time, and are looking for a partner who can work for them and care about them.

With the Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System, you can more easily connect with customers and prospects. Your ability to quickly compare rates among insurers means you have a competitive edge and can save your clients time and research. Become their trusted partner.

High Tech & High Touch

Many people see technology as getting in the way of human interaction – i.e. High Tech vs. High Touch – but at NASA, we believe technology doesn’t have to detract from customer service, and in fact increases your ability to provide great customer interactions!

With our insurance agency management system by your side, all information about your client is right at your fingertips, allowing you to take a blind call and quickly respond with accurate information or new quotes. Eclipse allows you to collect and organize customer data so it’s always accessible, giving you better insight into who they are, what they have and what they’re looking for.

The information Eclipse organizes for you also allows you to plan effective marketing efforts, via direct mail, email, social media or other means.

Quicker Response Time

You want your customers to be extremely happy with your service, because you’re often their point of contact when something goes wrong.

Whether it’s a new prospect calling in while shopping around, or a current client calling from the scene of a fender bender, you want to be able to get the information they need quickly and accurately.

For prospects, leading research shows that a rapid response – in under five minutes – delivers the best results for leads from your company voicemail or website. That’s how fast customers move these days, and how fleeting a prospect’s attention span is.

If you want to be competitive at cultivating and converting leads, you need to arm yourself with Eclipse Insurance Agency Management Software. The key to improving your conversion rates is to effectively communicate with clients, and the right insurance agency software makes that much easier and more efficient.

Increased Efficiency During Emergencies

Speaking of a fender bender, sometimes even greater emergencies occur such as a flood, fire, tornado or larger auto accident. These are the times when your customers count on you the most, and you need to be prepared to give them the accurate information they need, whether that’s a direct line for their insurers emergency response line, a summary of the exact coverage they have or being able to start, cancel or adjust coverage as needed.

With insurance agency management software, all of these tasks become easier. With Eclipse, they become second-nature.

When you’re ready to learn more about Eclipse, get in touch!