How An Agency Management System Is Essential To Your Business Growth

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No matter what size your agency is, “growth” is probably on your list of things to accomplish this year. An agency management system like Eclipse can help you attract new clients and retain current clients with great features and the ability to see their entire history at a glance, while also promoting upselling opportunities.

Let’s take a look at how our system can help make your customers more likely to stay with you. Contact us when you’re ready to learn more!

Increases Client “Stickiness”

In this case, “stickiness” doesn’t refer to the gum on a client’s shoe as they walk in from the sidewalk. It’s a term meant to illustrate that clients are more likely to stick with your agency if you’re able to provide them everything they need in one place.

Clients and prospects are more prone to shopping around than ever. With better internet connectivity, they can shop around for insurance while in line at the bank or on the comfort of their couch. But it takes time to do so, and having a one-stop independent insurance agent shop around for them is extremely convenient.

With the Eclipse Agency Management System, you can quickly and easily compare rates with your normal rater right in the system and send your customer a message with pricing comparisons. Eclipse makes this easy and quick, integrating all of your functions into one space and allowing you to respond to clients with better information, faster, increasing their likeliness to stick.

Enhances Upselling Opportunities

Pretend a customer calls you and needs their policy number, or requires a quick change to their policy. Whether you use the Eclipse Agency Management System or not, you can probably take care of this fairly easily. But where Eclipse eclipses the competition is in its ability to maintain and display to you an accurate, detailed history of each policy and policyholder, allowing you to see in an instant where you may be able to upsell or recommend other products to them or their family!


If you’re not already using Eclipse, we hope we’ll be hearing from you soon!