How Our Agency Management System Helped 5 Great Lakes Agencies

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Local agencies across the country and the Midwest are turning to the Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System to help them serve clients better, faster and more accurately than ever before.

While we’ve helped many others, we wanted to feature five agencies in the Midwest who’ve switched to Eclipse and have had great success with their clients!

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1. Minnwest Insurance Agency In Lake Wilson, MN

Via Insurance Agent, Chuck Vasgaard

Minnwest Insurance Agency began using Eclipse around 2004, before which they had a more complicated system. They find the training from NASA to be wonderful and the system much easier to use.

“I’m an old timer when it comes to computers, but my younger staff really looked forward to the new features and upgrades,” Chuck added.

2. Hubble Insurance Agency In Petoskey & Boyne City, MI

Via President Bruce Hubble

Previously, Hubble Insurance Agency was using Applied TAM to amplify their agency efforts. “The monthly fee for TAM when we left was > $700. Eclipse started at $130 and has not risen in 5 years!” Bruce said in 2016.

Eclipse Insurance Agency Management System was able to move everything over from Hubble’s in-house Applied TAM, and provide all of the needed support. Bruce noted that for their agency, Eclipse was a perfect fit.

“The software paid for itself in less than a year, and my staff loves it!” Bruce noted.

3. Jack J. Maniscalco & Son, Ltd. Insurance in Washingtonville, NY

Via Owner Jack J. Maniscalco

Founded in 2000, Jack J. Maniscalco & Son, Ltd. Insurance switched to Eclipse Agency Management System in 2014. They trust Eclipse, and consider it easy-to-use and very competitively priced.

“NASA delivers far more than it promises. I’m only sorry I didn’t switch to Eclipse years earlier!” Jack said.

4. Associates Insurance Agency, Ltd. In Denmark, WI

Via Salesman Josh Mallman

Associates Insurance Agency spoke with us after updating to Eclipse’s latest version, 6.2. Josh said that the newest version is extremely simple to use, with a button and tab design along with drag and drop features. You’ll also be able to send emails through Eclipse, which increases efficiency.

“Now, we can spend more time helping our customers compared to time previously spent on data entry,” Josh noted.

5. Torres Insurance Agency In Evansville, IN

Via President Richard Torres

Torres Insurance Agency, founded in 1997, has been giving expedited service to their clients since 2015 when they started using the Eclipse Agency Management System. They note that they’ve also been able to quickly compile reports on each CSR and create a detailed history for each policy, which helps with cross selling.

“NASA and all their staff have been wonderful . . . Eclipse has made running our agency easy. Eclipse training has allowed all the staff to work on the same page which has allowed better communication,” Richard said.

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